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Some things just happen. They come out of the blue and just blow you away! That is what oils did for us. Our family started using oils in January of 2015, we wanted to give something natural and good for us a try. We wanted to add something into our family that would keep us healthy and make life a little easier.  At first, I honestly thought, ummm hum…. snake oils, not gonna lie, I was a skeptic. But, once we started using these bad boys in our daily lives, we realized that we can’t live without them.

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Like Frankincense, I now call it my Zombie Apocalypse oil. I was not sure how in the world I was ever going to learn all the tid bits about oils. Come to find out, I had joined a team of stinking amazing women and there was plenty of room to learn and grow. 
We are Lemon Droppers, part of the fastest growing group in Young Living history. We are Happy Oilers, a group of super happy chics and yep, guys that love to laugh, share their oils and their talent with everyone. I could not have fallen into a better tribe of amazing oily peeps.

If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I am a momma to 6 amazing kids, my husband and I love being together, we love to travel and we love to dream. Unfortunately, the “American dream” of working a job you do not like to live a life you do not get to enjoy, is not conducive to dreamers. It really didn’t work for us! But, these oils, these oils work for us! For the first time, we are not just dreaming but we are planning! We are going on trips, courtesy of Young Living. We are working on living debt free and doing fun things with and for our kids. A trip to Disney, check – “thank you Young Living”, an amazing playhouse for my daughter, check, “thank you Young Living”. Let’s not forget giving, I mean, if God gives you something, He doesn’t expect you to just hoard all that you have, He expects you to give. It is amazing to be able to give generously.  

A little secret about me. Since starting with Young Living I have actually matched my husbands income - #mindblown Maybe to some this isn't all that awesome, but to me, it is amazing. I graduated a tiny christian school, there were 3 graduates total. I am pretty sure that my diploma was photo copied off the school's printer. I am no start student. My husband is an amazing student. He is a Nurse Practitioner that has worked his tail off to get where he is. We have paid off so much student debt and every day he goes to work and busts his butt for us. Think about that for just a moment - I paid 160. for a Premium Starter Kit, I love my oils and I share them. That is it. That is my job. If you think you can't do this, if you think this is some MLM - you are wrong. You can and this is no normal "MLM" - we actually call it Many Loving Mentors, we are that different. I would love to help you be the best you that you can be. To offer you the chance to live out your dreams and make moments that matter with your family, that is my job.

This is our story and we are still living it, daily. Not only are we living it daily but it is growing and changing like you would not believe. So ya, everything about these oils and this biz has just blown us away and made life just a little more awesome!!!  


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